The Gwent Barn Owl Project pre-dated WOWLS and involved a group of volunteers, many of whom are still involved and part of WOWLS, breeding and releasing Barn Owls in and around Gwent under licence from the Department of the Environment, Transport and Regions.  This was a very worthwhile scheme and saw the creation of some wonderful, wildlife friendly habitat.  Unfortunately, DEFRA has decided that they no longer wish to administer the scheme and will not issue any further licences, so we are unable to continue this work.   We do, though, as mentioned above, still advise on habitat creation and that it is possible, once created, this habitat may attract Barn Owls, particularly if the land owners provide nest sites, i.e. Barn Owl Boxes, be they in a building or in a tree.


We take in sick and injured wild animals and birds, which, after professional veterinary treatment, are rehabilitated and returned to the wild.



To give some indication below is a snapshot of the wildlife that came through the sanctuary in 2004/5

Wildlife Brought Into Wowls Sanctuary 2004/5    
Date Species From Injuries Outcome Release Date
28/12/2004 Buzzard ? Shotgun Pellets Put down N/A
28/12/2004 Polecat Ferret ? Severed rear toes Resident N/A
15/01/2005 Pet Ferret Blaina None - name Tony Resident N/A
26/01/2005 Herring Gull Abbey Vets Starving Released - Usk 24/02/2005
15/02/2005 Buzzard Abbey Vets Concussed very thin, wasted - old Died 17/02/2005
17/02/2005 Barn Owl Pet Imprint N/A Resident N/A
06/03/2005 Lapwing High Cross Newport Broken Wing Released at Llangibby 07/03/2005
18/04/2005 Tawny Owl Summerhill Newport No injuries caught in pond netting Released Christchurch  Park 18/04/2005
23/04/2005 Blackbird Blackwood Sprained wings - caught in fishing line Released 27/04/2005
01/05/2005 Otter Monmouth Dead Collected by Environment Agency 03/04/2005
12/05/2005 Fox Cub Cardiff Immature Cub Taken to Vale Rescue near Tewkesbury 05/06/2005
12/05/2005 Sparrow Hawk Llantarnam Trapped in factory unit Teased out 12/05/2005
16/05/2005 Buzzard Catsash Old very poor condition Died 16/05/2005
17/05/2005 Collared Dove Abbey Vets Immature Released at Treowen 31/05/2005
17/05/2005 Wood Pigeon Abbey Vets Immature returned for food Released at Treowen 07/06/2005
24/05/2005 2x Hens Treowen None - lost Resident N/A
07/06/2005 Jackdaw Abbey Vets Immature Died 08/06/2005
08/06/2005 Jackdaw Chimney at Bargoed Immature no injuries Released immediately N/A
08/06/2005 2 Bengal Owls Risca Imprints Resident N/A
10/06/2005 Starling  Newport Immature trapped in cavity wall Died Overnight N/A
21/06/2005 Little Owl Jean Morris Llanwern Immature found in church yeard Release at The Patch, Treowen 03/09/2005
21/06/2005 Blackbird Abbey Vets Pulli Died Overnight N/A
05/07/2005 Rosella female Bargoed Unwanted Pet Resident N/A
08/07/2005 Starling  Abbey Vets Immature Released on the Patch 12/07/2005
15/07/2005 Jackdaw Abbey Vets Old with broken wing Died 16/07/2005
15/07/2005 Buzzard Abbey Vets Old very poor condition Died 19/07/2005
15/07/2005 Magpie Abbey Vets Immature very poor condition Died Overnight 16/07/2005
17/07/2005 Badger Govilon Farmer Starving poor condition approx 6 months old Released 01/08/2005
20/07/2005 Tawny Owl Chepstow Concussed   Released - Chepstow 01/08/2005
25/07/2005 Buzzard Cwmcarn Drive Immature Starving Cwmcarn Forest Drive released 07/09/2005
05/08/2005 Sparrow Hawk Aberdare Broken Wing Released on the Patch 21/09/2005
06/08/2005 Little Owl Llantrisant Trapped in Chimney poor condition - immature Died Overnight 06/08/2005
13/08/2005 Short Eared Owl Penyllan Pond Starving Released Penyllan 31/08/2005
03/09/2005 Fox Cub Handpost, Newport Front Paws severed/caught in cage trap Taken to Vets, put down 03/09/2005
03/09/2005 Barn Owl Cwmcarn Factory unit None Released on the Patch 05/09/2005
10/09/2005 Buzzard Glascoed via Mike Powell at Usk Show End of left wing missing Resident N/A
13/09/2005 Hen Harrier Trevethin Shot wing Wing amputated, died in care N/A
19/09/2005 Female Bengal Ralph Phillips Cwmcarn Unwanted Imprint Resident N/A
02/10/2005 Little Owl Llandegveth RTA, blind in left eye Resident N/A
06/10/2005 Tawny Owl Gwehelog Dislocated Wingq Released Gwehelog 28/10/2005
28/10/2005 Tawny Owl Summerhill Newport Concussed Released St Julians 23/12/2005
15/12/2005 Barn Owl Abergavenny Fractured Pelvis    


It is important for any rehabilitated creature, be it bird or animal, that it is returned to the exact area where originally found.  We do our very best to make this happen.  Unfortunately, we cannot always know where they came from.