New Sanctuary For WOWLS

After many years of hard work and fundraising by our members, we finally managed to acquire a plot of land on which to build a new wildlife sanctuary and now manage 8.4 acres of ‘scrubland’ at Treowen, near Newbridge, South Wales.   Previously situated in Llangybi, Monmouthshire, we had totally run out of any practical space.


We now have an excellent rehabilitation facility for wild animals and birds and we are up-grading our facility constantly as monies become available.

We regularly have around 60 unwanted imprinted birds of prey in residence.   These have all come into our care as unwanted or retired falconer’s birds.  These are the imprints of non-indigenous birds, which we cannot release into the wild.


Wild animals and birds are regularly coming in for rehabilitation.  We treat all wildlife the same.  Birds of all species will get exactly the same care and kindness.

Today a Badger who has suffered a Road Traffic Accident,

tomorrow a baby grey Squirrel. 

A Lapwing with a fracture, a baby Blackbird fallen from the nest.  “We treat them all the same”.

The land has lots of existing wildlife interest, which we intend to encourage and develop. There is potential for extending the range of habitat and the wildlife contained therein.

On the site we have a resident Fox, who successfully rears young each year, Weasels, Stoats, Rabbits, two species of Shrew i.e. Pygmy and Common, Hedgehogs, Field and Bank Voles, Wood Mice and have found evidence of the rare Harvest Mouse.  We also saw deer slots and believe them to be that of a Muntjac.


There are many aquatic creatures in our wet places and pond including Frogs, Toads and Newts along with Dragonflies, Darters and Damsel Flies.  There are many viviparous Lizards, which can often be seen sunning themselves on planks of wood lying around the site.

Over 25 species of butterflies have been identified and numerous Moth species have also been recorded on site.